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Preton Company Profile

Preton Ltd. is a leader in print management and toner optimization solutions. Established in 2005 by business and engineering experts with over 40 years experience of successful software development, Preton’s enterprise print management and toner optimization solutions help organizations reduce overhead immediately. With the growing need for leverage security of sensitive data, we also developed software that can help protect sensitive & confidential printed data, along with an additional solution that lowers power consumption of PCs.

Our enterprise solutions have proven to do everything from minimizing the carbon footprint of organizations cost-effectively, to optimizing workflows of organizations worldwide based on customizable policies and rules, to protection precious printed data. PretonSaver’s home edition is the go-to toner optimization and print management solution for private users worldwide.

As a leader in our field, Preton strives to provide software of the highest quality and standards. Our R&D team follows the latest product trends and technological advancements to ensure an optimal, simple, and smooth user experience and maximal customer satisfaction. Our enterprise solutions offer up to 50% savings on printing costs, and PretonSaverHome reduces print expenses for personal users by up to 70%!

Preton's Pixel Optimizer™ patented technology uses advanced algorithms to reduce the number of printed pixels for measurable savings on toner and ink without compromising print quality. Our award-winning products include PretonSaver Enterprise™ for toner optimization & print management, PretonPower™ for cost-effective power usage of PCs, PretonPrintSecurity for added protection of sensitive & confidential printed data, and PretonSaver Home™ for toner optimization and savings on personal printing costs. Whether in the enterprise or at home, Preton is a brand know for quality, service and excellence with every solution developed.