The Ultimate Security,
Savings & Efficiency
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Designed, deployed and adopted by today’s modern enterprises worldwide.

The Preton Enterprise Collection

Preton’s collection of enterprise solutions are deployed and adopted by enterprises worldwide for nearly two decades, with a winning team delivering over 40 years of expertise in software development.

PretonPrintSecurity scans print jobs to identify and alert DPOs (Data Protection Officers) of printed documents with sensitive or confidential data for maximal discretion and protection of precious information.

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PretonSaver™ maximizes cost-efficiency of printer toner in the enterprise, reducing toner overhead by up to 50% without compromising print quality.

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With PretonPower™, lower costly power consumption and increase savings with centralized management of PC power usage, tailored to your enterprise’ needs.

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Our Products

The Ultimate Security, Print Savings & Power Consumption

Preton PrintSecurity

Protect Sensitive & Confidential Data of Printed Documents

Cybercrime, data leaks & breaches are an increasing concern in today’s digital enterprise, and printer and full network hacks are no exception. Protect valuable and sensitive printed data with PretonPrintSecurity, as our solution scans each printed document to identify discrete and confidential information based on keywords & rules, notifying DPOs (Data Protection Officers) to help enforce discretion. Archive print job content and images for forensic investigations to help safeguard critical assets with the just a few clicks.

Save up to 50% on Enterprise Printing Costs

PretonSaver optimizes internal printer toner usage in real time, with centralized implementation of print policies and rules. Our solution provides comprehensive usage reports with detailed print activity and statistics to further optimize toner usage. PretonSaver automates mapping of all printers, PCs, applications and users, for 360-degree print management and toner optimization in your enterprise.

Reduce PC Power Consumption & Lower Cost

Centrally manage PC power usage for cost-efficiency, automating shutdown, sleep, and wakeup of company PCs with PretonPower. Tailor PC power usage rules to user, departmental, and organizational needs, as PretonPower helps your enterprise optimize PC power consumption, with actionable analytics, statistics and insights generated in usage reports. Minimize the enterprise carbon footprint and save with Preton Power.

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