PretonSaver licensing options

Compare licensing options to find the best licensing option for you.

Description PretonSaver
perpetual license
as a service
Licensing model One time payment or "Pay as You Go" One time licensing fee Recurring monthly charges
Maintenance and Support Entitlement for support services and software upgrades to new version 20% annually Included
Implementation Central management server location Local server installation Hosted by Preton
Database Centralized database for managing users, printers, and applications. Local SQL server Hosted by Preton
Reports Usage reports, savings reports and resources reports. Overview/User/Printer/PC
Print Rules Determines settings such as omission of elements, duplex printing, and more.
Print Policies Determines the optimization level for each document.
Standalone Mode Allows users to enjoy savings while printing outside the network (for example at home).
User Interaction Every user can independently control saving levels for each print job. Optional Optional
Pixel Optimizer™ Patented technology that uses advanced algorithms to identify and delete wasteful pixels.
Central Management Central management of print rules and policies across the organization.
Print Audit Trail Audit trail of the documents printed throughout the organization.
Group/User Quota Set predefined printing quota of color/mono pages, defined on monthly, weekly or daily basis
Force Monochrome Printing Enforce Mono printing on color printers for specific groups and users.
Printers' Availability Hours Define the time period for printers' availability