“NHS PASA has always led the way in implementing environmental solutions. When PretonSaver was first introduced to us we rapidly appreciated both the carbon reduction and security potential of PretonSaver. The software provides an enhanced level of security and accountability for printed documents.”

Mark Buggy, IT Security Manager

NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency

“This is an environmentally friendly solution that provides real financial benefits. Every organization should review its consumption of non-sustainable resources to achieve reductions.”

Martin Gore, IT Infrastructure Manager

Business Link Northwest

“Due to PretonSaver software being embedded in the organization, we now know much better what our organization’s print volume is and where the highest expenses are generated”

Guy Almog, IT Infrastructure Manager

HOT Cable Company

“PretonSaver is a truly remarkable product! It runs quietly in the background, saves money, provides management information and is easy to install and maintain. Remarkable!”

Amir Levy, Chief Technology Officer

Harel Insurance Group

"PretonSaver provides procurement professionals the opportunity to utilize innovation to achieve better value for money. I would recommend PretonSaver to every organization anxious to make progress towards sustainable procurement.”

Brian Mangan, Manager of Procurement

The Walton Center, NHS

"PretonSaver print savings has reduced our firm's print consumables by approximately 33%. It was installed in less than an hour and is transparent to our users. When printing bills we are able to apply an even higher level of savings - over 40%. I would recommend this solution to any law firm, big or small."

Randall Bentley, Managing Partner

Bentley, Bentley and Bentley

“PretonSaver was installed in a few hours and is now saving us over 34% on our print consumables. This is perfect for insurance agencies and MGA’s because we already print a lot and now carriers are beginning to send out more and more of their printing to the agent – making this a larger cost center. We know that print vendors make their money on consumables so any company that spends thousands to hundreds of thousands in printing would be amiss not to try it."

Yogi Wright, Chief Executive Officer

Surry Insurance

“PretonSaver is a great product! Product deployment was seamless to the users and required only a couple of hours from our IT staff. The reports and statistics are extremely helpful, and most importantly we save over 32% of our consumables budget"

Eran Gutman, Manager, Network, PC and Internet Group

Visa CAL

"We chose PretonSaver because of our fast growing staff and the resulting growing printing costs. Although we had doubts at first, after rigorous testing it was clear that PretonSaver can save 30% of our toner costs. We are confident that PretonSaver will provide us with a fast ROI and long-term savings.”

Mr. Lee, Gu-Taik, Manager, Human Resource Division


"As a financial company the cost of printing is always an issue. We are always on the look out for products and ways to control and reduce that cost. PretonSaver is one of those great products that can actually help you do this. We highly recommend this product!"

Igal Naor, Technology & Purchasing Manager

Leumi Card

"...A product like PretonSaver is long overdue to maintain the quality of print whilst minimizing its environmental impact and saving money”.

Iain Stinson, Director of Computing Services

University of Liverpool

"Godolphin has significantly reduced its expenditure on print consumables by 35% whilst maintaining high quality document standards. Its print management capabilities allow us to control color and enforce duplex when possible ensuring further consumable and paper savings”.

Andy Sanderson, IT Director


"PretonSaver is one of the few Software packages that provides a measurable ROI. LGES had covered the cost of the software within 5 months."

Alon Korman, CIO


"We will save over 35% on the cost of our consumables. This should have a significantly positive impact on our bottom line."

Lois Horwitz, CIO

Gibbons, Del Deo, Dolan, Griffinger & Vecchione

"At first I had doubts regarding print quality and software performance. But after installing and running the software, I realized that everything is running smoothly and print quality is the same as before. An examination indicated savings of over 37%. After a few months of operation I can say that the software is running well in our 21 offices and headquarters."

Kim Chul Hoem, Manager Computing Department

Korea Elevator Safety Institute

"…PretonSaver allows us to save money and be environmentally responsible at the same time, we appreciate the contribution Preton makes.”

Maria Rodman, Administrator Manager

Goldsmith Williams Solicitors

"PretonSaver provides us with the opportunity to minimize the impact on the environment and produce high quality documents at an appreciable cost saving. In addition our staff now have all the information required to manage our printer fleet effectively. PretonSaver™ also allows us to save money and be environmentally responsible at the same time. The savings from Preton allow us to stretch our budget further."

Andy Rumsby, Deputy Headmaster

St. Anselm's College

"Financial institutions are conservative and usually very slow to adopt new software. Nevertheless, we have decided to use PretonSaver because of our long term commitment to reducing our print operating cost. for the last few months the software is running well in 8 branches, we have not experienced any technical issues, and I can definitely notice the savings."

Jang Young Kyun, Assistant Manager, General Affair Department

NACF - KangDong

"We like PretonSaver because it saves us money and we don't even know its there."

Eytan Turjeman,Solicitor

Brada Kuttner