Preton — Your Partner for sustainability

Reduce Print Volume = Save Money = Help the Environment

Today’s corporate climate is focusing more and more on the global climate, the environment, and on the effects of a corporate carbon footprint. Mindful companies are, naturally, constantly looking for ways to reduce waste. What many companies may not realize is how much unnecessary waste their printers produce on a daily basis.

By intelligently removing unnecessary pixels, Preton’s patent-pending Pixel Optimizer technology saves as much as 35% in toner or ink without visibly impacting quality. This translates into 35% less cartridges, saving the release of 4.8kg CO2 per cartridge.

How much paper, ink, toner and other printing resources are you saving and where can you save more? Which specific users or group policies need adjustments? Find out at any time with comprehensive usage statistics for each and every print job, at every institutional, department, individual and application level.

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money and resources at the same time with PretonSaver. Click here to learn more!