Preton — The Perfect MSP and Dealer Partner

Reduce Cost! Increase Profit!

With ever-tightening budgets, MSPs and dealers like you are always looking to reduce operating cost, improve profit margins and differentiate yourself in a crowded market. With Preton, you can provide new features and functionality to your customers, increasing your profit margins and opening new business opportunities.

Preton enables you to offer your customers advanced print reporting to help them understand their print habits. They can use these reports to implement print rules to reduce waste and make their printing more efficient.

As an MPS, you save 30-50% on printing costs by partnering with Preton for Dealers and Managed Service Providers to enable easy implementation of centralized printing policies for toner and ink optimization.

How much ink, toner and other printing resources are you saving and where can you save more? Which specific users or group policies need adjustments? Find out at any time with comprehensive usage statistics for each and every print job, at every institutional, department, individual and application level.

Preton’s cloud-based and software-based versions mean you can choose and customize the best implementations for you. Click here to learn more!