PretonSaver FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Does PretonSaver™ support both Inkjet and LaserJet?

    YES! PretonSaver™ supports both print technologies.

  • Does PretonSaver support monochrome (black and white) and color printers?

    YES! PretonSaver will provide savings for both mono and color printers.

  • Does PretonSaver support network and local printers?

    YES! PretonSaver will identify and optimize any print job whether printed to a local (personal printer) or a network printer.

  • Does PretonSaver enforce draft mode, economode or “toner savings” mode on existing drivers or application settings?

    NO! PretonSaver does not change or enforce driver or application settings. PretonSaver™ works within your existing printing infrastructure and with the original driver settings. The product does not change the driver configuration in order to achieve savings.

  • Does PretonSaver replace existing drivers?

    NO! PretonSaver is an application that works with the original drivers. PretonSaver is designed to work with the existing drivers and settings on any Laser, Inkjet or MFD printer. A major strength of PretonSaver™ is that it works within your current infrastructure using your existing (manufacturers) drivers. There is thus no need for IT to load special drivers and a minimal overhead for the IT department.

  • By using less toner does PretonSaver degrade print quality?

    NO! PretonSaver reduces the surplus consumables which are not required to produce high quality “fit for the purpose business documents”. There are eight differing settings available within PretonSaver (for text, images, and graphics), these allow the consumable usage to be optimized and any surplus toner to be eliminated. The optional settings in PretonSaver, allow the savings to be tuned to provide high quality documents to meet your business need.

  • How do I know if I’m saving money using PretonSaver?

    PretonSaver maintains a record of every document printed together with the cost of the consumable used and the value of the saving which it has made. This information can then be provided in a series of management reports which detail the cost and saving by user group, user, application, and printer. PretonSaver thus puts the financial cost of printing and the savings made at your fingertips.

  • Is it safe to use PretonSaver with my existing printer fleet?

    YES! PretonSaver has been designed to be manufacturer independent and works with any make of laser, ink jet, or MFD printer. It works with the manufacturers drivers and requires no amendment to your existing printer infrastructure. The drum life of your printer will not be reduced and there can be no adverse impact in any way on the life of your printer. Indeed by reducing the surplus toner the use of PretonSaver may well extend its life and reduce the number of support calls you require. PretonSaver works with any make of toner either the manufactures own brand or any make of compatible which you may use.

  • What driver languages does PretonSaver support?

    PretonSaver supports most modern printer description languages (PDL). While targeting the most common PDL(PCL and Postscript), the Preton algorithms are language independent and have been tested successfully with PCL, PS, AFP, GDI and Xerox Metacode.